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About Us

Karabo IT CC (KIT) was founded in 2009 with the mission of providing solutions to healthcare providers. With more than 30 years of practice management experience we set out to tackle the issues that kept private practices from going to the next level of profitability.view more



Health care providers and administrators today demand more from their practice management and medical billing software than ever before, with a constant need to increase efficiency and reduce costs while providing high-quality service.view more


Testimonial 1

I am amazed at how easy and simple billing can be. it only take a company like Karabo It to make it happen. Prior companies worked very hard to show me how hard it is to do billing. Medkit works very hard to show me how easy and simple billing is. Once I started with Medkit I had one thing less to worry about. I don't even think about billing anymore. You will not believe this until you start using this program. Before I started using it, I thought it was too good to be true. I am so happy I started with it anyway. I only regret that I did not find this program sooner. After 20years of practice and who knows how many billing companies I can finally say I have the perfect billing company."

Dr. DG Mokoloko.

Testimonial 2

Pro Medical and Dental Management started in 2000. We starter with 4 providers; through the years we became bigger and had different programs. We started with Medkit in 2012, I did not know the program and was at first very negative. Negative in a way that I did not believe that the Free State has such good talent as Karabo IT. The program is just what a provider or bureau needs. They designed it in a way that our work is less stressful and month end is a pleasure. They always gave you ideas and never said no they can't do it if we have problems. The support we get is just wonderful. They are there 24/7. I did not believe them when they said 24/7 but they really are."

Eileen Pieterse.

Testimonial 3

I am a General Surgeon and I previously did billing in-house with another system. This system was difficult to use and upkeep was very expensive. I always had problems transmitting claims. too many 3rd party plug-ins and contracts. Poor support for the product also proved to be a problem. Since we switched to an awesome medical billing system Medkit, we have found the application to be very adequate and cost effective solution. The online access to our billing service is able to provide an excellent feature because it allows me to track the financial health of my practice."

Dr. ME Mosese.